Your perfect onboarding flow

Get on overview of an optimal onboarding flow before creating your first campaign

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1 - Enable MMP integration

We recommend to enable MMP integration at the earliest stage possible. Starting this day Kayzen will start storing the events, so you can build segments, for example those, who already installed the app. The integration does not work retrospectively. It might take some time for your Company to go through the legal and financial onboarding, but by the time the paperwork is done, you want to be fully ready.

2 - Educate yourself

Read our documentation and go through the First Steps with Kayzen to learn main parts of the platform and how to leverage them while your legal and finance team are doing the paperwork.

3 - Sign an Agreement

To start trading on the platform your Company need to sign the Agreement according to one of the Plans. We will start billing the Platform fee from the day of the Agreement signature, that is why you want to know how to launch your campaigns right from the beginning.

4 - Top up Account Balance to start

We ask you to fill in the Client Registration Form to be able to issue the invoices. In order to top up your Account Balance, you need to pay a Security Deposit (SD) which will remain unused unless we see an unbearable delay in your monthly payments. We will give you a scoring on top of the SD (usually 1.5x to start) which will result in your monthly credit line with us.

5 - You are ready to go live!

By this point you are fully ready to run your first campaigns. If questions come up, you can search for the answer in the Documentation and don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the chat on the platform!

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