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First Steps with Kayzen

Step-by-step guide tailored to newcomers or existing clients, acquainting them with the fundamental concepts and initial setup procedures required to effectively utilize Kayzen. Covering everything from account creation to platform navigation and advanced settings, this folder will empower users to embark on their journey with confidence

Plan, launch and Optimize

Explore campaign planning, launch, and optimization strategies. Uncover insights on ideation, targeting, budgeting, and performance evaluation for exceptional advertising results

Partner Integration Guidelines

Discover seamless integration pathways with external platforms and tools, optimizing tracking and data synergy. Your guide to successful collaborations, from technical integrations to best practices

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Navigate challenges effortlessly with our Troubleshooting and FAQs hub. Find answers to common concerns, resolve issues independently, and access dedicated support when necessary

Creatives at Kayzen

This section serves as a comprehensive guide to Creative at Kayzen, focusing on practical design guidelines, innovative ad formats, and essential insights for standout branding. It includes detailed information on partner integrations, creative specifications, and best practices. Our goal is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Explore this resource to better understand how to utilize Kayzen’s features for creative campaign optimization.

Inventory Management

Explore inventory insights, rendering on various SDKs, and performance monitoring. Discover Kayzen's access to 400k+ integrated apps via direct partnerships and 20+ ad exchanges

Release Notes 🔓

Explore our platform updates for cutting-edge features, from advanced targeting to enhanced analytics, empowering your campaigns and strategies

School of Programmatic
Deepen your knowledge of in-app programmatic advertising by learning from experienced industry leaders through well-structured, practical lessons.
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