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First Steps with Kayzen
First Steps with Kayzen

Step-by-step guide tailored to newcomers or existing clients, acquainting them with the fundamental concepts and initial setup procedures required to effectively utilize Kayzen. Covering everything from account creation to platform navigation and advanced settings, this folder will empower users to embark on their journey with confidence

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Manage Campaigns

Efficiently set up Orders and Campaigns, find ideal structures, and optimize effectively for your goals with Kayzen's user-friendly features.

Manage Assets

Guide to manage Creative, audience lists, and Applist assets efficiently in campaigns.


Learn how to customize your dashboard, explore metrics, and run in-depth analysis with Kayzen's user-friendly interface and Inventory Discovery tool

DashboardKayzen Dashboard

Advanced Settings

Explore top-tier features for empowered programmatic advertising: SKAN campaigns, White-labeling solutions, and more.

White-labeling Solutions by KayzenA brief overview on white-labeling solutions required by enterprises.