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Integration guide for Playable Factory

A quick guide to create and run Kayzen certified playable creatives from Playable Factory

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Playable creatives are a scaled down version of an app or a game which allows user to get a glimpse and experience of an app. These creatives drive increased user engagement and are therefore a key part of many user acquisition campaigns.

We are happy to announce that we are now integrated with Playable Factory, a leading Playable creative development platform. With this integration, you can now easily download playable creatives that work on Kayzen and programmatic inventory and seamlessly start playable campaigns with us. This integration also allows you to track in-ad events which can help you understand the in-ad funnel and all this data can be easily viewed in your Kayzen dashboard.

Here’s a short walkthrough of the steps involved

  1. Navigate to the game either via Games section or by clicking on Create Playables button.

2. Select the game you want and click on Create.

3. Scroll down to Ad Networks tab. This is where you’ll be required to enter tracker/url configurations for Kayzen.

  • Impression URL: Your impression tracker or MMP impression tracker

  • Android URL: Playstore URL or Android MMP click url

  • iOS URL: Appstore URL or iOS MMP Click url

4. Save the creative.

5. Click on Download button on top the screen.
You have 2 options while downloading the creative depending on your settings.

  • With data tracking: This will enable Playable Factory to capture in-ad events which can be viewed in the Insights tab of Playable factory.

  • Without data tracking: Playable Factory will not be able to capture in-ad events.

Please note the above options only impact the data you can see in Playable Factory dashboard. Irrespective of which option you select, you will always be able to log and view in-ad events in Kayzen dashboard. Some of the in-ad events that are always logged and viewable in Kayzen platform are-

  • impression

  • gameStarted

  • gameStartTime

  • gameFinished

  • gameFinishedTime

  • firstClick

  • gameWon

  • gameLose

  • firstClickTime

Kayzen can support any in-ad events you want to track. To add more events in your playable creative, check with your Playable Factory account manager.

6. Select Kayzen from the Network options.

7. Enter Kayzen app specific API key and click on the download button. Learn how to get your apps API key here.

This API key will be saved for future downloads. Next time when you want to download this playable or a new version of the same app's playable for Kayzen, you can directly download the playable creative without having to enter the api key again. If you wish to edit the API key, that's possible as well by clicking on edit button next to the Download option.

Re-using an already existing playable version

If you already have a saved version of Kayzen compatible Playable creative, you can directly go to the Downloads section and download the required version.

Please ensure if you are directly downloading the creative, it has the required trackers (refer step #3 above to understand where it is added.)

Once you download the creative, you will get a zip folder which you can share with your Kayzen Programmatic Success Specialist to get your campaigns running.

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