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Last Updated: Jan, 2024

Is there a limit to processing API audiences?

There are no constraints on the number of API calls. However, for optimal audience updates through API, it is required to limit it to 2,000 devices per API call.

What are the recommended practices when utilizing a CSV file for First Party audiences?

Ensure that the file is stored in .csv format (not a similar format like .csv_sorted). For further clarity, download the sample file from the audience creation page. The file should contain a single column with valid device IDs, either in RAW or SHA1 format. For ex:

Raw :96bd03b6-defc-4203-83d3-dc1c730801f7 and SHA1: 7f9527d6d0590683ba17e19ec12ec7c1e7dff0d9

What types of URLs are compatible with file URLs for First Party audiences?

We support various 3rd party file URLs for audience creation, including Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. Both Public URLs (enabling direct file download when the URL is accessed) and URLs with credentials are supported.

How to address audience processing failure due to an invalid file?

Ensure that the file contains data as expected (refer to #2). Remove the invalid file from the audience page and upload a new, valid file.

Does the status of any audience impact campaign serving?

In cases where audiences are created with invalid files, campaigns associated with the respective audience will not perform. To activate your campaign, rectify the issues with the invalid file.

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