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Frequently asked questions on campaign managment. Around topics like campaign setup, use cases (UA and RT), troubleshooting, attribution...

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Campaign Setup

What targeting options do I have when creating campaigns?

You can find an extensive list of all targeting options available in this article.

If you want a quick walkthrough of the different options you can also check our onboarding materials:

How can I check volumes of traffic per country, creatives and /or exchanges?

You can find all of these details and much more in our inventory discovery dashboard, you find access to it at the left side menu.

If you want a quick guide to using inventory discovery please check our onboarding guide - Inventory Discovery Tool

Which optimization types or bidding algorithms are supported?

The out of the box bidding algorithms are CPM, CPC, CPI.

  • Both CPM and CPC bidding algorithms have additional support for bid optimization (bid shading) as well. Some of the common use cases around using these are Retargeting and Mobile Branding campaigns were maximizing reach is important.

  • The CPI algorithm is usually the way to go for any mobile app UA campaign. You can optimize on top of the CPI algorithm using features like max bids, bid multipliers, and others to get to CPA / ROAS goals

To get beta access to our CPA and ROAS optimization please reach out to your Kayzen representative. Those optimizations are only available in beta and only available for Business and Enterprise customers.

Which creative types are supported on your platform?

You can setup campaigns based on all common mobile ad layouts.

Image (jpg, gif, png), native, HTML (e.g., animated banners, playables, MRAID), video (inc. rewarded video and end cards). Please refer to this article for more details.

What are your requirements for playable ads or HTML rich media ads?

You can run MRAID 1.0/2.0 compatible playables or rich media ads with Kayzen. We don't have a file size limitation for Playables that are served from a CDN or with our own ad serving infrastructure. However most exchanges recommend the payload size to be within 3-5Mb. Please reach out to your Kayzen representative if you are planning to run rich media / playable ads to ensure they meet the technical requirements.

User Acquisition

What is a typical "learning budget" for a UA campaign?

The “learning budget” is dependent on your campaigns goals, campaign setup (platform, geo, creative type, target CPI/CPA) and can significantly vary.

One UA campaign typically needs at least 300 positive events (e.g., install, action) for the algorithm to have decent learnings to reach your goals.

If you want to know more about our CPI algorithm and how it relates to managing UA please check our onboarding article on this topic - CPI Algo Explained 🔓 (This article is restricted to users, make sure you are logged in through your browser when you click this link)


Can I run retargeting on Kayzen?

Yes, Kayzen offers comprehensive self-serve capabilities for retargeting campaigns, including audience creation and management and granular micro-bidding. Please refer to this retargeting guide with a detailed explanation of the whole process.

If you would like to run retargeting campaigns using our CPA algorithm please reach out to your Kayzen representative.

Can I onboard my first-party data? If so, how?

Yes. There are several ways of first-party data onboarding. You can upload *.CSV file with device ids directly through the UI, specify a URL to your audience or use audience API. More details here. Another way of sending the first-party audience to Kayzen is by using our default MMP and CDP integrations.

What are the capabilities of audience segmentation in your platform?

While creating custom audiences, you can segment them based on the key-value pairs you pass to Kayzen through an MMP integration or custom postbacks (it can be events, revenue, OS, country, etc.), you can also select the frequency and recency of the events, combine several key-value pairs using boolean logic or exclude selected events. More details on our granular audience segmentation capabilities can be found here.

Campaign Troubleshooting

Why is my campaign not making any bids?

Campaign delivery is dependent on many factors. This is our suggested checklist to go through in such cases:

  1. Campaign has reached End date

  2. Low Advertiser balance

  3. Creative sizes which are added to the campaign (for recommended creatives sizes)

  4. Creative not approved

  5. Campaign Budget/Order Budget exhausted

  6. Capping exhausted on your campaign (Impression, clicks, Install)

  7. Campaign is Paused

  8. Day parting is enabled for the campaign and current day/hour is not available for serving

  9. Campaign is scheduled to start at specific time zone (scheduled start)

  10. Campaign has got invalid IP, APP, Bundle whitelist or Blacklist

  11. Campaign has got invalid audience blacklisted or whitelisted

For further questions please reach out to your Kayzen representative or support via our chat at Kayzen.


Which MMPs are you integrated with?

Adjust, AppsFlyer, TUNE, Kochava, SIngular. You can find integration guides here. We also support one-click integration of non-attributed events from your MMP, so you can use the data in your Kayzen account to make use of our self-attribution feature or create custom audiences using boolean logic. For a full list of all integrated partners, such as CDPs, DMPs, Cost Aggregation Analytics, and others, please check our documentation on third party integrations

Can I use my own attribution and post custom events or audiences back to Kayzen?

Yes, via custom postbacks. Please refer to this integration guide.

What do MMP (yellow), Self-Attributed (green), Assisted (turquoise) numbers mean on the Dashboard and Campaigns pages?

MMP numbers show install or post-install events attributed by your MMP to Kayzen. Self-attributed numbers show the installs or post-install events Kayzen attributed to your campaigns using a self-attribution mechanism, similar to that of facebook, Google and other SANs (so called Self-Attributing Networks).

Hence, if you want to compare numbers on your Kayzen campaigns with those of your SAN campaigns this helps you establish an apples-to-apples comparison. Note that self-attribution numbers rely on device IDs and hence are only available for device ID traffic. The assisted numbers are expressed as percentages and show the relative difference between MMP and self-attributed numbers.

Why don't numbers recorded for any event under In-App events match my other reporting tools?

Numbers shown for any event under In-App events are not de-duplicated and due to that they might be higher than expected. All other metrics such as Impressions, Clicks and even Installs (default Install metric not the event selected from In-App section) are de-duplicated to show unique values.

How can I integrate my MMP?

Please refer to the instructions we have on each MMP supported integration - Integrations with Third Party Partners

In general, you will need to create an Order with the specific app to be promoted and this process will enable an specific API Key to be used during the integration process. More information on the articles attached above.


What should I do when my balance runs low?

You should keep an eye on your account balance and make sure that it is sufficient at all times to deliver your campaigns. The moment your account balance drops to zero (or near zero) campaigns will automatically stop delivering. Your account balance will automatically be topped up when we receive outstanding payments for an invoice or security deposit note that has been issued to you. If your account runs low but there are no pending payments, ask your Kayzen representative to issue a security deposit note so that she can top up your account upon receiving the funds. Since this process may take a few days, make sure to plan ahead and ensure sufficient funding of your account for your spend levels at least one week into the future.

Am I able to receive reports via API?

Yes. You can use our reporting API.

Will I be notified if my Account Balance is running low?

You should keep a close eye on your account balance. The real-time balance is visible in your Kayzen UI. The Admin of your account will receive a “low funds” email automatically from our system once your account falls below the balance of 1000 usd. However, note that depending on your daily spend levels this alert may come too late to enable you to top up the account timely enough to avoid running out of funds. Hence it is crucial you keep an eye on your balance yourself.

What are the recommended browsers to access the Kayzen console?

We always recommend Google Chrome, however the performance may vary using other browsers as well.

Do I need to disable Ad-blocker while accessing the console?

You should always, disable Ad-blocker from your browser to avoid any technical hitches while using Kayzen platform.

What type of devices are supported for creating audiences in Kayzen?

Kayzen support device ID’s either in raw or SHA1 encrypted.

What are the exchanges that support bid shading?

Currently the bid shading feature is enabled for the following exchanges. Google ADX, Applovin, Chartboost, Unity, Fyber and Adcolony.

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