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Sharing AppsFlyer's Predefined Audience Segments with Kayzen
Sharing AppsFlyer's Predefined Audience Segments with Kayzen

AppsFlyer's Audiences tool enables advertisers to segment their users directly from the AppsFlyer platform to run retargeting campaigns.

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Last Updated: April, 2024

This guide outlines the process of linking Appsflyer audiences with Kayzen, enabling clients to execute retargeting campaigns seamlessly. Audiences are automatically refreshed and pushed to Kayzen.

Additionally, Appsflyer offers advertisers the choice to download reports as CSV files or upload audiences to third-party services like Amazon S3 buckets and these options are supported by Kayzen as well. More details in the following document.

Use this guide to create an audience and its rulesets, connect and upload audiences on Kayzen.

Steps to connect Audience with Kayzen

  • In the Appsflyer Dashboard, go to Engage > Audiences to pick an existing audience or create a new one.

  • If you opt for a new audience, the Build tab will appear. Customize your audience according to your needs and save it. For more details on creating audiences in Appsflyer, refer to the document.

  • To integrate it with Kayzen, either establish a new partner connection if one doesn't exist, or link it to an existing connection:

  • For new connection click 'Add Partner Connection', the following pop up will appear.

    • Select partner name as Kayzen.

    • Connection name - It is simply a name given to the connection (integration name) that the clients wants to provide in order to connect the audience segment to their ad account with the partner. It is not the name of the Audience segment.

    • Enter the API Key. Refer to this document for instructions on how to obtain API key.

    • Click Save


Regarding connection name, when a client wants an audience to be uploaded to a partner, the audience has to be connected to a connection/integration with the partner. So the client could give a distinct name for the connection and enter the integration parameters like, key, login details etc; and commit that connection successfully.

  • Press 'Link Connection', the following pop up will appear. Select Kayzen and choose an existing connection. Click Save.

  • After the connection is established successfully and the audience is generated, you will find a new audience listed under the "Audiences" tab in the Kayzen UI.

Please note, that the AppsFlyer Audience Builder might not be available by default to all AppsFlyer customers. Please contact your AppsFlyer representative if you can't find this feature in your interface.

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