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Creatives at Kayzen
Creatives at Kayzen

In this folder, explore design guidelines and innovative ad formats that make your brand stand out. We will also cover topics such as partner integrations, creative specifications, best practices, and ad format insights. Unlock your campaign's creative potential with this concise resource

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Creative AttributesA guide to creative attributes while adding HTML creatives to campaigns.
Ad Moderation Guidelines CentreYour one-stop destination for Ad Quality guidelines

Creative Type

Explore this section for essential insights into video, HTML, and image specifications, along with best practices

Creative Specifications and GuidelinesGuide to serving the right creatives

Creative Solutions

Explore insights on interactive HTML creatives and third-party partnerships for diverse creative solutions in this section

Creative Rendering Experiences

Understand diverse creative experiences across exchanges and their impact on performance metrics in this insightful section

Understanding Full-Screen Creative ExperiencesWhat does the creative experience for Interstitial and Rewarded ad placements look like?