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HTML Creative Guidelines

Interact with this guide to interactive ads!

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Last Updated: January, 2024

What are HTML Ads?

The Interactive HTML aims to deliver an engaging interactive user experience, while also offering the benefit of gathering users responses to questions, as well as Device ID when accessible.

Designed to be Responsive across all devices and orientations. It is recommended to run on Fullscreen formats such as Rewarded and Interstitial as they naturally provide higher engagement levels.

Common HTML Ad Placements

Banner (Banners + MREC)

Mobile banners, a common advertising format within mobile apps, typically displayed at the top or bottom of the screen.

They offer a cost-effective method for advertisers to connect with their audience. These banners feature concise text and graphics to spotlight products, services, or apps, allowing users to click and seamlessly navigate to gain further details or make purchases.


Interstitial ad placements are usually placed during transition points on the app lifecycle, for example, when completing a level on a gaming app or navigating to a new page on a weather app. Placing an ad on these instances makes it more likely for users to welcome and engage with the ad.


Rewarded ad placements are presented to the user at times of much need, offering the user a reward in exchange for opting in to watch a video creative. While most commonly used on gaming apps, they can also be leveraged on non-gaming apps such as dating apps.

To learn more about full-screen creative experiences, as well as rendering differences across exchanges, make sure to check out our dedicated Creative Rendering Experiences section.

Navigating HTML Supply

HTML supporting ad placements can be easily identified in Inventory Discovery under the HTML Creative Type.

If you want to learn more about which Ad Exchanges support Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded supply, you can check the latest data on Inventory Discovery, or visit our Ad Exchange Dossier article.

It is important to note that pretty much all Image enabled inventory, plus Rewarded inventory, is eligible for HTML creatives. HTML ads are not only more engaging than Static Image or Video ads, but also have a potential reach, in terms of eligible bid requests, equivalent to these two creative types combined!

HTML as Video Endcards

Also known as companion ads, endcards are image or html creatives that are displayed either upon video completion or after skipping the video (on skippable placements).

This offers ample room for storytelling by merging two distinct ads to create synergy. Almost all interstitial and rewarded ad placements support these multi-page experiences.

HTML high flexibility and engagement rate is the perfect companion to your video creatives!

HTML and Playable Technical Specifications

Check out the specifications and guidelines to run HTML, MRAID and Playable creatives, as standalone or video end cards, on our dedicated article here!

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