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Generate Appsflyer tracking Links for your campaign
Generate Appsflyer tracking Links for your campaign

This guide provides a walkthrough of the process involved in generating tracking links for your app install and retargeting campaign.

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In this article, we provide a clear and concise step-by-step guide, accompanied by illustrative screenshots, to help you generate tracking links effectively for an app install and retargeting campaign.

Steps to generate tracking links for an App install campaign:

1. Navigate to the attribution link tab, where you can generate the Kayzen attribution link for your campaign. Begin by selecting the attribution link type, which offers two options: Single Platform Link and OneLink. In this article, we will delve into the Single Platform Link option.

2. According to the default attribution link template of Kayzen, a predefined set of parameters needed for your campaign would already exist, which can be modified or supplemented with new ones according to your needs.


  • For additional information regarding the attribution link and parameters, please consult the following article.

  • Refer the following link for more details on the Kayzen macros and their description.

3. Scroll down the page to set the click through and view through the lookback window. By default these are set at 7 days for click and 24 hours for an impression. The look back window duration settings sent on the attribution link applies to only deterministic attribution models.

For probabilistic modelling, the attribution window is determined by AppsFlyer dynamically, based on the user network. The window duration is adaptive.

  • Click-through probabilistic modelling is always enabled.

  • View-through probabilistic modelling needs to be enabled in the app settings page and in the integration tab.


  • For more details on the look-back window please refer the following link

  • For more details on probabilistic modelling please refer the following link

4. Copy your click and view through attribution links to use on the Kayzen app install campaign and save the attribution link.

Sample App Install links:

Click through:{CAMPAIGN_NAME}&af_siteid={APP_BUNDLE}&af_c_id={CAMPAIGN_ID}&af_ad_id={CREATIVE_ID}&af_ad={CREATIVE_NAME}&af_channel={EXCHANGE_NAME}&af_ad_type={CREATIVE_TYPE}&af_click_lookback=7d&clickid={CONVERSION_ID}&advertising_id={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&af_lang={DEVICE_LANGUAGE}&af_ua={USER_AGENT}&af_ip={USER_IP}&af_ref={CONVERSION_ID}

View through:{CAMPAIGN_NAME}&af_siteid={APP_BUNDLE}&af_c_id={CAMPAIGN_ID}&af_ad_id={CREATIVE_ID}&af_ad={CREATIVE_NAME}&af_channel={EXCHANGE_NAME}&af_ad_type={CREATIVE_TYPE}&af_viewthrough_lookback=24h&clickid={CONVERSION_ID}&advertising_id={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&af_lang={DEVICE_LANGUAGE}&af_ua={USER_AGENT}&af_ip={USER_IP}&af_ref={CONVERSION_ID}

Steps to create tracking links for a retargeting campaign:

Retargeting campaign is used to encourage users to re-engage with the App or to reinstall the app if the users have uninstalled it. Please refer to the retargeting attribution guide for more details.

1. As a first step Go to Settings > App settings > enable re-engagement attribution. No explicit setting is required for re-attribution.

2. Once done please follow the similar steps mentioned above for creating links for App install campaigns to navigate to the attribution link tab and to set the required parameters for your attribution link.

3. Scroll down the page and enable the retargeting settings this will add the is_retargeting=true parameter in your attribution link.

If you have a Deep Link scheme in place, enter it in the URI scheme field. The URL Scheme field value you provide will be automatically inserted by AppsFlyer as the af_dp= parameter in your tracking links.

We recommend to keep the Ignore active users for retargeting toggle off as it can impact the campaign performance and scale

4. Set the Re-engagement window, the default window is 30 days. You can change the window, the &af_reengagement_window= parameter in the tracking link will reflect window you selected.

Also configure the Click through and View through look back window as per the requirement by default these are set at 7 days for click and 24 hours for an impression. These values are populated in the parameters &af_click_lookback= and &af_viewthrough_lookback= within the attribution links.

5. Copy the Tracking Link and use it in your Kayzen retargeting campaigns and Save the attribution link

Re-targeting Tracking Links will need to include the following parameters:

a) &is_retargeting=true

b) &af_dp={encoded_deeplink_here} (if deeplink was added)

Sample retargeting links:

Click through:{CAMPAIGN_NAME}&af_siteid={APP_BUNDLE}&af_c_id={CAMPAIGN_ID}&af_ad_id={CREATIVE_ID}&af_ad={CREATIVE_NAME}&af_channel={EXCHANGE_NAME}&af_ad_type={CREATIVE_TYPE}&is_retargeting=true&af_dp=deeplinkhere&af_reengagement_window=30d&af_click_lookback=7d&clickid={CONVERSION_ID}&advertising_id={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&af_lang={DEVICE_LANGUAGE}&af_ua={USER_AGENT}&af_ip={USER_IP}&af_ref={CONVERSION_ID}

View through:{CAMPAIGN_NAME}&af_siteid={APP_BUNDLE}&af_c_id={CAMPAIGN_ID}&af_ad_id={CREATIVE_ID}&af_ad={CREATIVE_NAME}&af_channel={EXCHANGE_NAME}&af_ad_type={CREATIVE_TYPE}&is_retargeting=true&af_dp=deeplinkhere&af_reengagement_window=30d&af_click_lookback=7d&clickid={CONVERSION_ID}&advertising_id={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&af_lang={DEVICE_LANGUAGE}&af_ua={USER_AGENT}&af_ip={USER_IP}&af_ref={CONVERSION_ID}
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