Programmatic Inventory Explorer Workshop

Join our workshop about how to reach your audience across thousands of apps through Kayzen's "Programmatic Inventory Explorer"

Written by Fellese Carmina
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Have you ever wished you could benchmark what you're paying in your ad campaigns against the market?

Good news - now you can.

Watch on-demand Kayzen's workshop about the "Programmatic Inventory Explorer" to find out how you can use this tool as an effective benchmark to compare essential in-app supply metrics for any combination of Country, OS, Ad Format, and Device ID Availability.

We've put together different use cases using the tool and at the end of the session, you'll be able to create optimized strategies to reach your target audience with programmatic ads better.

  • Ryan Goeden – Business Development Lead

  • TomΓ‘s Yacachury – Strategic Partnerships Lead


  • Intro: It's all about programmatic

  • Programmatic Inventory Explorer Demo

  • Use Cases & Insights

  • Q&A

We suggest the following links to expand your understanding of the Programmatic Inventory Explorer:

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