JustTrack MMP Integration

This article will briefly cover the integrations and FAQs around the MMP

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JustTrack is a MMP from the AppLike group. This article will go over


The tracking links are listed in every campaign.

To get to the trackers, the user has to go to Campaigns Overview, click on Overview under Campaigns on the left side menu.

Click on the required campaign and select Tracking Links

The trackers will be listed which you can copy and add it to your campaigns in Kayzen console.

We have added the default trackers below for you convenience

Impression Tracker


Click Tracker


If enabling S2S, then add this in the tracking link space in the campaign in Kayzen console.


The difference between Click tracker and S2S click tracker

  1. s2s=true in S2S click tracker and false in click tracker

  2. redirect=false in S2S click tracker and true in click tracker

  3. referrerId={CONVERSION_ID} is set in S2S click tracker for Android.

Please ensure the differences are taken into account for click trackers.

Tracker Notes

  • Here is the Kayzen’s doc for macros supported and JustTrack’s doc for the same. If you are making any changes to default trackers, please confirm with your Programmatic Success Specialist first.

  • Following macros are required in the trackers, so ensure these are always present.

  1. appBundleId=<advertiser_app_bundle> [ensure your advertised app bundle is present and is correct] Eg: iOS: 1351168404 Android: com.innersloth.spacemafia

  2. network=225_kayzen [hard coded]

  3. sourceCampaignId={CAMPAIGN_ID}

  4. clickId={CONVERSION_ID} for click; viewId={CONVERSION_ID} for impressions

  5. platform={DEVICE_OS_NAME}

  • JustTrack requires campaigns at their end as well for attribution which is matched with the campaign ID sent in the trackers. Whenever a new ID is present, JustTrack automatically creates a campaign at their end.

  • If the purpose of your campaigns is retargeting, please add campaignType=retargeting to the trackers.

Event Postback

Just Track supports attribution of following events





App install / User gets attributed to a campaign



User opened the app



User generates revenue


Then there are network specific pages. Users can get there via: Admin → Networks. Kayzen

Postback Notes

  • api_key - Unique key needs to be set by the advertiser in the MMP dashboard for each app. This can be obtained from this document. This is mandatory as Kayzen uses the api key to identify the advertised app. This will be added in postback by the MMP for each app.

  • Reattribution event is Install. There is currently no way to distinguish between user acquisition install and re-targeting re-install.

  • A user is attributed to the latest campaign. For eg. if a user installs an app through user acquisition campaign and later opens the app through a retargeting campaigns, the post install events post the opening is attributed to the retargeting window i.e. if present in the attribution window.

  • install event for a retargeting campaign is sent once a day. If a user opens the app through Kayzen that event gets attributed to Kayzen and install is sent. All subsequent events are attributed to Kayzen as session for that day.

  • If the user opens the app organically or via some other network, all subsequent sessions are attributed to organic traffic or other network for that day, even if user clicks on Kayzen retargeting ad.

This is the sample postback set at JustTrack’s end


Cost Integration

JustTrack does import spend for partners based on tracking links and API integrations.

For this you’ll require just the secret key.

Steps to obtain the secret key from Kayzen console are mentioned here.

The secret key needs to be configured in JustTrack’s dashboard ​in the Kayzen network under Admin for cost integration.

JustTrack has a spend importer implemented that will use these credentials to request Kayzen API.

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