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Advertisers using Kayzen enjoy complete transparency of their campaign data including cost transparency i.e. how much cpm or media cost they are paying for which campaigns, audiences, publisher apps and more. Continuing with this full transparency approach, we are happy to announce that we are now integrated with Adjust Cost API. This means that Kayzen customers using Adjust as their MMP can now see their programmatic media spend in Adjust dashboard as well

How does this work?

Kayzen platform calls Adjust cost api asynchronously and share cost data for each impression. Ad spend data can be sent asynchronously within 7 days of impression but Kayzen syncs this data with Adjust on an almost real time basis

  1. By default, cost integration is not enabled for every account. Reach out to your Programmatic success specialist if you are interested in this

  2. For Cost integration to work, you need to ensure your impression url is updated with parameter cost_id={CONVERSION_ID}. Adjust uses this variable to match cost reported via API with a corresponding impression recorded via impression url

  3. Currently, we support cost integration with impression url's. Hence, if you are interested in leveraging cost integration between Kayzen and Adjust, please ensure your creatives are running with an impression url

Sample imp url for cost integration

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