How to create Everflow tracker and activate Kayzen event postback

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In this article, we will show you how to set up tracking URLs in Everflow to use in Kayzen campaigns and to pass events (postback) to Kayzen.

Steps to get tracking URL in Everflow

Step1: Login to your Everflow account.

Step2: Scroll down on the dashboard to the ‘Tracking link’ box and select the offer from the drop-down, input the {CONVERSION_ID} Macro under the sub1 spot as shown in the below image.

Note: {Conversion_ID} Macro is the mandatory Kayzen Macro. You can add other relevant Kayzen Macros under Sub2, Sub3, Sub4 and Sub5 in Everflow. (You can refer other Kayzen Macros in this article)

Step3: Copy your tracking URL from the highlighted section as shown in the below image. Use this tracking link as a click URL in the Kayzen UI while creating a campaign.

Steps to add Kayzen Postback URL in Everflow

Step1: Please go to the 'POSTBACKS' section as shown in the image below.

Step2: Click on ‘Add PostBack

Step3: Add Kayzen events postback URL.

Sample postback URL:

Note: if you want to run offers for different Apps and get postback for every App in Kayzen, instead of selecting ‘Global (Partner)’ under ‘Postback Level’ select ‘Specific’ and then select the offer of that App. In this case, you need to change the API-Key, each App in Kayzen will have a different API-key.

Additional reading:

  • The API key is unique for every App/Website you create in a Kayzen account. You can refer to the Order creation article to create your App/Website.

  • Refer to this article if you want to access your App/Website API key.

  • You can refer to our events API article to check the parameters we support.

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