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Instructions on how to create Tracker URLs and activate Event Postbacks

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Steps to Integrate Event Postbacks

  1. Visit the Ads page on the Branch dashboard.

  2. Select Partner Management from the sidebar.

  3. Search for your Universal Ads Partner.

Provide account credentials

Enter API key that is required, and click Save and Enable in the bottom right hand corner.

Kayzen provides a unique API key for the respective app you are advertising (for both Android and iOS). However, Branch has limitation that both (Android and iOS) API keys need to be entered. Hence, you will have to add both Android and iOS keys for the app that you want to advertise. In case you have an app that is published in only one store – say Android, you can enter some random value for the store where you app isn't published (iOS API key in this example) and Save the settings. 

Basic postbacks will automatically be activated for events like Install and Purchase when you enable your ad partner. You can then add additional postbacks, for example, if you want to add postbacks for custom events that are specific to your app, e.g., Account Created. You can also edit postbacks if there's additional data you need to pass along to your ad partner. 

Once you've enabled an integration it's time to create a tracking link.

  1. First, select an ad format. For App Install or App Engagement campaigns you'll want to select the App Only format. For campaigns where the user should go to the web, if they don't have an app, then you should select Cross-Platform Display. 

2. At this point, you need to name your link. Select something that will make it easy to find if you need it later. Your Ad Format and Ad Partner (Kayzen) should be selected already, but feel free to choose one if they aren't. You need to select Kayzen for analytics later on. Click Configure Options to continue.

3. Here you can add deep link data and analytics tags. Analytics tags are important for later segmentation, so click the Analytics sub tab to add a Channel and Campaign value.

4. Click Create Link Now, and you have your tracking link. Take this link and paste it into the tracking section of your campaign yourself on Kayzen Platform.

Add more postbacks

  1. Click the Add New Postback button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. A modal window will appear with Branch default events, as well as any commerce or custom events you've set up. Select an event, enter a postback URL, if you're asked to, and click Save. This will be the event that triggers your new postback.

Send All Attributed Events

To optimize your campaigns for better performance, we recommend you to send All Events – you can enable this setting by checking the All Events box on a per postback basis.

Granting Ad Partner Access

To grant an Ad Partner access to your app's data, you need to add them as an agency in your Branch account. Doing so gives said ad partner access to your app; based on the permissions you define.

  1. Go to Account Settings and click on the Agencies tab.

  2. On the Agencies tab, click the Add New Agency button.

  3. In the Add New Agency modal window:

a. Select Kayzen from the dropdown menu.
b. Select the appropriate level of access.

Admin – edit access to all settings and export access to all data.
Team Member – edit access to channels and links, read-only access to app settings, and access to aggregate data.
Full Read – read-only access to all settings and access to aggregate data.
Limited Read – access to aggregate data only.
Custom – customize settings and data access.
No Access – no dashboard access.

c. Click "Invite".
d. All Agency Admins on the agency account will receive an invitation email, and any of those Agency Admins can accept the invitation on behalf of their agency.

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