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Instructions on how to create Tracker URLs and activate Event Postbacks

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This guide will show you how to integrate event postbacks from Singular to Kayzen and create tracker URLs for Kayzen campaigns.

Steps to Integrate Event Postbacks

  1. In your Singular account, click on Attribution -> Create Link.

  2. Search for Kayzen, click on Edit.

   3. Tick the box "Send View-Through Postbacks".

4. Tick the box "Send Fraud Postbacks".
   5. Tick the box "Send all installs postbacks to Kayzen regardless of attribution partner".

6. Tick the box "Send event postbacks to Kayzen on all installs." if applicable.
   7. Enter the Kayzen API Key for your app which you are integrating. Follow the steps in this article to find your app-specific API key.

8. Set the Click-through attribution lookback window you desire.
   9. Under Event postbacks, change the drop-down menu for 'Send In-app Events to Kayzen' from the current “Only if install…” to “Always.”
   10. Under In-app SDK event name, add the events you wish to stream to Kayzen.

 11. Click Save.

If you are facing any issues with the options available, please reach out to your Kayzen support.

Singular's integration instructions for Partner Configuration:

Steps to Create a Tracking Link

  1. From the Attribution menu on the left, click on Create Link.

  2. Select the App, Site and Destination URL. If you are missing a site or Destination URL in the drop-down list, please refer to the Apps screen to update the missing data.

  3. Select a deeplink (or Universal Link for iOS) from their dropdown menu.

  4. Choose Kayzen from the Source box.

  5. Type campaign name and click on the Generate Link button.

Singular's integration instruction for Generating Tracking links:

Advanced Setup

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