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In-playable events’ collection
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Last Update: June, 2023


In-playable event tracking is a powerful way to gain key insights into user interactions with playables. Advertisers can create different events within a playable, send them to the Kayzen audience server, and visualize these events across various attributes such as campaign, exchange, OS, etc., for enhanced campaign analysis.

Sample Use Case

  1. You want to track the playable's launch rate, i.e., the number of times the playable was fully launched compared to the impression count.

  2. To achieve this, make an HTTP call to the Kayzen audience server at a relevant point in the HTML code and pass the corresponding macros, including event names (explained below).

  3. The Kayzen UI will display the corresponding event names, allowing users to see these events across multiple attributes like campaign, exchange, etc.

  4. By analyzing the impression and launch event counts, users can determine the launch rate across different metrics like exchange and placements, enabling campaign optimization.

API endpoint

To track an event in a playable, make an HTTP call to the following URL:{APP_API_KEY}&postback_type=in_ad&gaid={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&idfa={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&os={DEVICE_OS_NAME}&bid_id={CONVERSION_ID}&app_event=<event_name>

API URL explanation

  • tp=direct: This parameter has a fixed value per partner and can be changed to any desired name. It's recommended to keep the value as direct.

  • api_key={APP_API_KEY}: App specific API key, automatically replaced based on the app the creative is running for.

  • postback_type=in_ad: This parameter is required to distinguish between different events. Without it, there could be ambiguity when identifying events, especially if similar event names are used in different contexts (for ex: common event taxonomies used for In-app events and playable events). The value of postback_type is prepended to the event_id value when displaying the final event in the UI.

  • device_id: User GAID/IDFA.

  • os: android/iOS.

  • bid_id={CONVERSION_ID}: Unique ID for each impression.

  • app_event={event_name}: Replace this value manually with the event you want to record.


In this case, an event will be visible in the UI as  playable_launch . Please note, Kayzen will insert “_” between the value of  postback_type  and  app_event.

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