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Integration Guide for Tune

Instructions on how to create Tune Tracker URLs and activate Event Postbacks

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This guide will show you how to integrate event postbacks from TUNE to Kayzen and create tracker URLs for Kayzen campaigns.

Steps to Integrate Event Postbacks

1. In your Attribution Analytics dashboard, click on the Partners tab on the left side panel.

2.Click on Integrations, which will guide you to the Integrated Partners page.
3. Search for Kayzen in the search bar (logo in the top right of this guide).
4. When you see the Kayzen logo, click Enable in the far right column.

5. Partner ID Field: Enter your Kayzen API Key. Follow the steps in this article to find your app-specific API key.
6. Click Save.
7. Add a Postback URL and choose the Event Postback Template.
8. Within the Postback Requirements:

  • Partner: Select Kayzen.

  • Mobile App: Select the app you wish to promote with Kayzen.

  • Event Name: Select the in-app event you wish to send to Kayzen. If the event is not Install, the Re-engagement Event checkbox will appear. Check the Re-engagement checkbox in case it appears.

  • Attribution Options: Select "Send all events (attributed, organic or unattributed) to this partner".

  • Re-engagement Window: Select “Send events inside or outside of window”, if the checkboxes appear.

Steps to Create a Measurement URL

After setting up a Postback URL, you can create a Measurement URL from the Kayzen integration by using the following templates:



Once this is done, be sure to send the Measurement URL to your Kayzen Success Manager.

Steps to Create a DeepLink

1. Click Edit under Campaign Information and choose Deep Link in the URL Function tab.
2. You’ll also need to configure your link to work as a deeplink if your app is configured to work this way.
3. Once this is done, be sure to send the Deep Link to your Kayzen Success Manager to ensure that the data is being received correctly.

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