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Kayzen integrates with Amazon

An overview of our integration with Amazon Publisher Services

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June, 2021

We at Kayzen are on a mission to Democratize Programmatic Marketing. We always strive for transparency and control by providing our advertisers with direct access to premium publisher inventory.

Keeping that in mind, we are excited to announce our integration with Amazon Publisher Services (APS).

What is Amazon Publisher Services?

APS is a server side header bidding product, where multiple demands including Kayzen are bidding simultaneously as opposed to the traditional waterfall model, where bidding takes place sequentially. This provides a level playing field to all demand sources skipping multiple middlemen and their hidden fees to get the best inventory.

APS Header bidding Services

Amazon primarily has 2 server side header bidding services:

  1. Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM)

  2. Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)

UAM is managed by Amazon for big publishers. Using our integration with Amazon APS, Kayzen advertisers can seamlessly buy into APS UAM publisher inventory

TAM is a self serve style of server side header bidding where publishers manage their demand and their contracts independently and use Amazon as a SaaS product. Using Kayzen's integration with APS TAM, advertisers can go direct billing route with publishers of their choice. This enables multiple use cases like improved SPO (Supply Path optimization), more competitive bids and less money lost to middlemen.

Publisher Connections via Amazon

Currently, we are connected and accessing inventory from ~350+ publishers via Amazon. We are in the process of integrating more and more publishers via UAM and TAM. We will keep updating you about new exciting publisher connections via Amazon. If you are looking for a specific publisher inventory on Amazon, please reach out to us.

Inventory Highlights (Last updated: 18th June, 2021)

Ad Types

Top Geos

United States





Dominican Republic





Top Apps

Sudoku Puzzles

Ultimate Guitar USA LLC

Audiomack, Inc.

Word Search Puzzles



Wood Block Puzzle Free

Tic Tac Toe


Hearts HD!

Want to know more about Amazon Inventory? Kayzen provides a free inventory discovery tool that allows you to slice and dice inventory data across multiple dimensions.

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