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Creative Specifications and Guidelines
Creative Specifications and Guidelines

Guide to serving the right creatives

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Image and Native Ads

Native is an ad format where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the location in which it is placed. They seamlessly integrate into a publisher's app and native ads optimize the user experience as they blend into the app, driving high levels of engagement.

Video Ads

*Rewarded video is a short video, usually around 30 seconds maximum, for which users need to opt-in to watch this non-skippable video – having been incentivized to do so by being offered a reward such as an additional life in a game or in-app credit.

§ Landscape and portrait videos will be served in only the correct screen orientation (i.e. Landscape will never serve in a portrait ad slot and vice versa) on all exchanges. It is advised to include both video orientations in your creative set.

Rich-Media and playable Ads

Rich media and playables are ad formats based on HTML5 and MRAID frameworks. Rich media ads contain interactive content such as videos, maps and games to offer users a more engaging experience. Marketers utilize this format to drive brand awareness, while playables is mainly used by game developers as a "try before you buy” offer through:

  1. Play a preview level of the game right inside the ad.

  2. Stream an app preview.

  3. Play a mini game or tutorial explaining the core game mechanics.

Compared to other ad formats, Playable Ads result in lower eCPIs / eCPAs and higher LTV due to higher engagement prior to the download.

Guidelines for Rich Media Ads and Playables

Loading screen: Playable Ads must have a loading screen, which is ideally clickable (especially in cases where an ad takes a significant amount of time to load) and populated with the target URL directly. You can use the loading screen of the game/app to increase the recognition factor and branding effect.

Tutorial: Create a tutorial for the first 2-3 steps to instruct users how to engage with the game. For instance, add a text-box informing the user what they need to do in order to start playing. Always a good idea is to add animated pointers or arrows.

CTA screen: With regards to CTA screen, it is recommended to make the whole   screen clickable, and to add an engaging end screen CTA to improve engagement rates.

Click URL: For Kayzen to track clicks and have those clicks visible in the dashboard you need to add click tracking in your HTML creatives, for that we have introduced a macro {HTML_CLICK_TRACKER}.
This macro has to be added in your HTML code in the place of your click URL. This macro will be replaced by the Kayzen click macro {CLICK_URL} followed by the click URL available in the Tracker Asset.

Please follow this doc to know more.

If for any reason, you prefer not to use Click url mentioned in Tracker Asset in the html creative and rather use a different click url in HTML, then please use the macro {CLICK_URL} for Kayzen to track clicks.
This macro {CLICK_URL} needs to be added in front of your Click URL so that clicks can be tracked in the Kayzen platform. The URL that follows the {CLICK_URL} macro must also be HTML encoded.

Use our creative helper tool to encode your links . example:{CLICK_URL}

Note: We strongly recommend you to use {HTML_CLICK_URL} over {CLICK_URL} as it will help from frequent html code changes.

§ Develop the core game in a ‘square format’ or in a responsive way so that it can be easily compatible with portrait/ landscape inventory.

§ Serve HTML creatives that fill the entire space regardless of its size. For example, center the main image and provide a full-screen background image that is consistent with and matches the main image.



  • Creatives must contain the brand name or logo so that there is no ambiguity.

  • Creatives must be related to or promote the content of landing page.

  • Flashy ads are not allowed.

  • Ads with misleading or deceptive claims are prohibited, such as “Get Rich Quick” offers.

  • Windows Dialog or Alert Style (e.g Any creative that a user might mistake for an OS or application-level notification rather than an advertisement): This includes, but is not limited to, deceptive ads that resemble user interface elements (e.g text boxes) and creatives that mimic buttons or icons that claim a functionality that is not there (e.g Play, Chat, Wink, Friends, Search Buttons)

  • “Click-to-Call” phone numbers must connect end-users to the advertiser’s business. Toll or fee-based phone numbers that require additional payment by the caller are prohibited.

  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-redirect to any web page or app stores without prior users' interaction.

  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-load any video content without prior users' interaction.

  • No auto downloading of files should be observed with creatives or landing pages.

  • Malware – Creative that contains, installs, links to, or prompts the download of any malware, Trojan horse, virus, or any other malicious code.

  • Phishing – Creative designed to obtain information from a user under false pretenses (e.g. attempting to extract financial information by posing as a legitimate company, etc.).

Prohibited Creative Attributes

  • Pop (e.g Over, Under, or Upon Exit), Expandable (Automatic) ads that automatically expand without the user’s engagement or action (e.g Click or Touch), Auto-redirect etc.

  • Ads that do not ask the user for permission before initiating any downloads / installations / services / fees. This includes Click-to-Call and Click-to-Subscribe ads that do not include an intermediary landing page or other prompt that clearly explains the terms and/or fees associated with the call or subscription.

Restricted Content

Advertisers may run ads that contain the following content, or that promote the following categories of products and services, only if it is permitted by exchanges in the targeted markets:

  • Alcohol Content

  • Financial Services

  • Gambling/Lotteries/Betting

  • Health and Pharmaceutical Products and Services

  • Political Campaigning

  • Weight Loss

  • Dating

  • Adult Products

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