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Reports are a valuable tool for analyzing campaign performance. By selecting specific metrics and filters, data can be presented in a table format that can be saved or downloaded for further analysis. In this article, we'll guide you through creating, editing, and downloading reports, so you can make the most of this powerful tool.

Steps to create, edit and download the report

1. Go to the ‘Reports’ under the menu and click on ‘NEW REPORT’.

2. On the new page, enter the report name. You also have the option to change the Time Zone and Time Interval, or you can keep the default selection (as shown in the image below).

3. Filter By: Click on the edit (pencil) icon to choose different filter options. Once you select your filters, click 'SAVE.'

4. Group By: Click on the edit under 'Rows' to choose the option(s) for your report to be grouped by (second image). Once you select your options, click 'SAVE.'

5. Metrics: Click on edit under 'Columns' to choose the metrics you would like to be displayed in your report. Once you select your metrics, click 'SAVE.'

6. In-App Events: Click on edit to choose the In-App Events you would like to be displayed in your report. Once you select your events, click 'SAVE.'

Note: Only when you select a specific App/Website or Advertiser in the ‘Filter By’ (refer step 3) you will get the option to select In-App events. (If no App/Website or Advertiser is selected you will see the below note as seen in the image below)

In order to see In-App events in Reports, you will have to have In-App events sent to Kayzen enabled on your side (learn more here).

7. To save all the selections made above, simply click on the 'CREATE REPORT' button.

8. Once you've saved the report, you'll be directed to a new page where you can view it (as shown in the image below). Here are the edit options available on the report page:

a. Clicking on 'Edit Report' will take you back to the previous report sections page, allowing you to review and modify your previous selections.

b. You can change the Time Interval if needed.

c. You also have the option to edit the Time Zone.

d. You can add or remove 'Filter by' options by clicking on the pencil icon.

e. To add or remove columns, click on 'Edit Columns'

f. To download the report, click on 'Export to CSV'

Note: Large requests might take longer to load or might not load. If that is the case, you will see a message in the UI asking you to reduce some selected options.

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